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Payment Protection Insurance or Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover, is typically designed to meet your mortgage and associated insurance payments in the event of being made involuntarily unemployed or being unable to work due to accident or illness.

For most of people their mortgage is their biggest monthly outlay and if this payment becomes unaffordable you run the risk of losing your home.

Payment Protection is designed to protect these payments until you have found a new source of employment and income, or you have recovered from an accident or illness.

Payments are made tax free and cover can be provided to protect your mortgage and any other associated insurances, such as buildings, contents and life cover etc.

Following a chosen deferred period, typically 30 days after being made involuntarily unemployed, the payments will commence. After a specified period (normally 12 or 24 months) the payments will cease, by which time you will hopefully have secured new employment.


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