Life Cover

There Is Life After Death.

For many death is not one of the easiest subjects to talk about. But, protection in the event of death is vitally important for many different reasons such as:

- To repay your outstanding mortgage;
- Ensuring your family's future is protected;
- To protect your business or a key employee.

There are various types of policy to consider:

- Level Term: Providing a specific lump sum in the event of death during a specific term;

- Decreasing Term: Providing sufficient capital to repay a capital repayment mortgage in the event of death, during a specific term;

- Family Income Benefit: Provides a regular income from the date of death until the plan ceases -normally when your children have grown up or have reached a certain age which you decide at the outset.

- Whole of Life: A policy that continues for the whole of your life and pays a lump sum on death irrespective of when that occurs.

We can advise on all of the various types of life cover available. Where relevant we will ensure that a suitable trust is also effected so that the proceeds do not form part of your estate upon death.


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