Lifetime Mortgages - Equity Release

Release the cash that is tied up in your property value

Whilst this form of financial planning is not suitable for everyone, it is becoming increasingly popular with those approaching or in retirement, who either need an additional income, lump sum or both.

It enables those in retirement to stay in their home, whilst enjoying the benefits of the monies that they have within the value of their property.

The monies released can be spent as you wish on things such as home improvements, holidays, assisting your children with their financial planning etc.

In order to qualify for a Lifetime Mortgage you will need to be at least 55 years of age.

The amount of equity you can release will depend upon your age and the value of your home.

You will not have to make any payments during your lifetime as the borrowing and interest that has accrued will be paid when you home has been sold, which will only happen on death (second death in the case of a couple) or in the event that you are moved into long term care and will not be returning to your home.

We look at the entire market and then advise you upon the most suitable Lifetime Mortgage (Equity Release) in relation to your personal requirements and circumstances.

The first step is to make contact and we will then arrange a time to meet with you and discuss your options in further depth.

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